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Quin tells Noob that it's Christmas; But he doesn't care. Quin tells him that there's exciting presents and Noob wasn't ready and Quin pushes out on him. Noob starts out with a small present and got condoms. And was disappointed. As he opens the next present, He got an iPhone 7 and got so excited over it. The final present Noob got made him unamused because it was video games he did not like. After he had enough, Noob starts having a fit and Quin tells him "You're being a spoiled brat". He bribes Quin to take the games back and gets upset causing him to light the Christmas tree on fire. Quin was very concerned about what Noob did to the tree. In order to settle this, Quin gave Noob more presents that Noob wanted. As he opened the gave she gave him, Noob began to sob while apologizing.


  • This is the final 2016 Cartoon.
  • Noob got Just Dance 2017, Wii Fit and Biggest Loser on the Wii.
  • The Title sequence is Green, Blue and Yellow to make it more festive.
  • This was the second time Noob got condoms as a gift.


  • In the beginning part of the video, A voice glitch occurred.