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Alexander comes home and sees his wife Samantha. And Samantha wants to know what he's been up to, So Alexander answered "Working my ass off". After Samantha suggests Alex to love, Grayson comes in and complains about what they're doing, A voice was heard from Kristine and she tells Grayson to leave him alone. After Grayson leaves the room, Alexander and Samantha looks at each other and the "Fin" dialog thing comes up.


  • This marks the first of several things:
    • The first (and currently only) Comix Minis episode to be entirely in black and white.
    • The first Comix Minis episode to be animated with Animate CC.
  • This was the 2nd silent Comedy Mix Episode along with Allergies.
  • The reason why it's called "Charles" is because it is short for a Charleston Film.