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Me and Paul gets a cactus for the backyard. But the problem is, It's possessed!!


Paul and Alexander are proud that they got a cactus for their backyard. The two are also satisfied to the view of that cactus and loves the texture of it. Suddenly, An evil voice is heard from the cactus saying:

"You have done wrong!"

"You will pay for your sins!"

"You have disturbed the cactus universe!"

"You made an unforgivable mistake that can seriously not be forgotten."


After the cactus says those quotes, The two were terrified and these two ran in the house screaming. Paul is in panic while Alexander has a plan to stop the cactus from saying satanic commands. So he runs out the house back to the cactus and points his pistol at the cactus and shoots at it. Now, Everything turned calm now that Alexander & Paul high fived each other.


  • The gun Paul mentioned was Alexander's pistol he had during his career murderer from 2004 - 2006.