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Bring It To My Knees is the second episode of the ninth season of Comix Minis, and the 252nd episode overall. It was released on November 14, 2020.


Olivia made fun of Alice and found her weakness!


Alice was waiting for the bus to come until Olivia came across her and made fun of her. Alice couldn't condone Olivia as she insults her deceased mother. Alice began to do the "Mom Fucking Threat" to Olivia and felt pitiful. Alexander and Samantha got home from a dinner date and heard Alice crying on the couch. Alexander wonders what's wrong and Alice said that Olivia made fun of her mom and showed a picture of her young self and her mother. Alexander was surprised that she was notable to Alice. As he talked about lullaby toys to Alice, She began to wail because she loved those when she was a baby. Samantha walks to Alice and hugs her in sorrow. Hours later, Alice stopped crying and Noob wonders if she's okay. Alice is fine now as Noob informs Alexander and Samantha that she stopped crying.


  • The photo of young Alice hugging Henrietta in TRF form was done by Darren A. Nichols. In addition, his signature is visible in the photo.
    • The short animation of Henrietta singing was also done by Nichols.
  • The rig of young Alice in JFG form was designed by Brayden Nohai.
  • This is the first Comix Minis episode to have the Harmonic Television logo at the end.
  • It is revealed that Noob matured.
  • Henrietta died on 2001.
  • The music used was a cover song of Scabs, Guns & Peanut Butter. which the original song was played in the 2000 TDC Cartoon "Totally Black".
    • The music after that was a cover of White Trash by Marilyn Manson.