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Alyssa Wolfenstein is a member of a well known girl group "The Rodgals". She also loves wake boarding and hanging in hotels and going to sports. She also loves hanging with her female friends, Hell even boys like Kody and Phillop.


  • She, alongside the other Rodgals, celebrated her 30th birthday with loads and loads of special and highly exciting surprises.
  • She is a bisexual woman
  • She likes Aubrey, Kody, Ruthie, Tatertot, Phillop, and others she's recently hanged out with.
  • It gets on Alyssa's nerves with the CEO of YouTube not fixing what's bugged on time. Yes, she's watched some stuff on YouTube since 2006, but until early 2019, she got so annoyed of the bugs not being fixed.
  • Phillop piped her once.


Favorite holiday: Halloween

Loves: Most of The Rodgals, mostly the same foods Kody eats like pizza, chicken tenders, chicken burgers, potato chips, etc., Phillop (now), being laid on as it feels so good as hell, wearing bikinis

Hates: Cyberbullying, Manipulation

Favorite season: Fall

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

  • Naomi's New Room

Season 7

Season 8