Alejandro J. T. Royman (Al) is a former member of The Data Crew. He's still a good friend of Paul and Alexander, but they haven't talked to eachother in ages. He really likes to sketch and knit. His brain is filled with cool ideas and draws with his partner Jay. He's been a Data Crew member from 2000 - 2013.


Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day

Loves: Drawing, Retro Cartoons, Lemon, Cupcakes

Hates: Being called Boring Retro Boy

Favorite Season: Winter

Relatives: Debbie Royman (Mother) Woody Royman (Father)


  • He wears retro clothing like it's the 70s and 90s.
  • He is bisexual like Jay is.
  • He is a Lemon addict.
  • Him and Jay sing Roots Valid to Noob.
  • He is the 2nd Comedy Mix Character established.
  • He sprained his ankle on stage back in 2007.

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