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Samantha gets her purse stolen by a rotten crook Jinto and runs. After he made a careless run, He met his doom!


Samantha is walking down the street strutting as Jinto is chasing her to steal her purse. As he approached Samantha, He was threatening to steal her purse with a pocket knife he stole. After that, He then quickly steals Samantha's purse and runs away. While he is running away, Akihiro tries to stop Jinto to give Samantha's purse back and doesn't care. As he carelessly runs away, he tripped over a rock, went flying while holding the pocket knife and fell on the ground making the pocket knife puncture his heart; causing him to bleed to death. After Jinto died, Samantha took back the purse successfully.


  • This is the first episode where Akihiro speaks.
  • The pocket knife Jinto stole is exactly the same color as Alex's in real life.
  • A redubbed version of the episode with Darren A. Nichols's voice as Akihiro was released onto the FBEG Redubs channel on June 15, 2020.
  • This episode could be based off the 1000 Ways To Die segment, "A Turn For The Purse".